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We provide bulk quantities of R404A – 11.3Kgs

With a global distribution network, SRF offers a wide range of refrigerants for different applications. Refrigerants are used in applications such as room air-conditioners, automobile air-conditioners, refrigerators and chillers.

Marketed under the FLORON® brand, SRF is the only Indian manufacturer of ozone friendly refrigerants such as F 134a and HFC blends such as F 410A and F 407C. We also manufacture F 22 as a part of our refrigerants portfolio.

F 134a have been developed by SRF using indigenous technology. SRF is now the largest producer and seller of refrigerants in India and has further consolidated its market leadership. SRF Limited is also one amongst the very few fully backward integrated players in this space.

Globally, the company commands the status of being a refrigerant manufacturer of choice, serving customers in more than sixty countries worldwide.


Over time, FLORON® has come to stand for the highest quality and performance across multiple applications within air conditioning and refrigeration. The product range, marketed under the FLORON® brand includes F 22, F 134a, and HFC blends (F 404A, F 407C, and F 410A).